Aaron Morse, (b. 1974 – Present), is a Los Angeles based artist that intertwines the techniques of collage and painting into timelines that combine the past and present. His subjects focuses on scenes of nature and people, including animals into patterns, psychedelic landscapes, the human condition, and also marine influenced scenes.

His collage works focuses on past and present history of culture. He will mix in all sorts of clippings of people with a touch of his art that displays the human existence with emotionality, that really shows us growing through conflict and aspiration.

His painted scenes offer serene insight with a mystical sense that invokes the deserts and mountains of where he grew up in Arizona, USA. The scenes have such a cinematic sense of emotion, like disconnecting from the illusion of a fast-paced 40+ hour work week that has become our lives, and reconnecting you to the reality of what life is all about: slowing down and stopping to look at the beauty around you that the world gives us stripped away from material possessions.

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All images are © Aaron Morse // Words from Seth on visualmelt.com