Anatolian Rock Revival Project bringing non-mainstream pieces from 1960s to 1980s Anatolian rock back to life with fresh, unique designed illustrations; helping it to regain its popularity, reach a larger audience and also being the bridge between the new generation and the roots of psychedelic music in Turkey. 

World’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands like the Rolling Stones, Beatles and Led Zeppelin were an inspirational source that gave rise to an indigenous music trend in Turkey: Anatolian rock. A fusion of Turkish folk and rock music arising in the 1960s, merged electrical and bass guitar with traditional bağlama (a stringed music instrument) and ney (reed flute). Electro bağlama was also born in those years. Cem Karaca, Moğollar, Kurtalan Ekspres, Mavi Işıklar, Barış Manço, the T.P.A.O. Batman Orchestra and Erkin Koray are some of the best examples of this period.


“All music rights belong to their rightful owners.”

You’ll find more information; listing of illustrations and songs, also the illustrators behind this amazing designs on Anadolu Rock Revival’s behance project page and social media channels such as; Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.