Everything about Japanese culture is  beautiful, even in such extremely little details. Preparations as ceremonies, moving in no rush, and taking the time for perfection. This short film tells the story about Japanese Bartending, beyond a cocktail, the art, from shaping ice to walking the guest to elevator, the whole magical process itself.

Director & Producer: Alan Kropf
Director of Photography: Matthew Noel
Music Producer: Hunter Lea
Presented by Anchor Distilling and Nikka Whisky


Ikkei Honma, Bar Ikkei – Sapporo | Hiroyasu Kayama, Bar Benfiddich – Tokyo | Kazuyuki Kumagai, Bar Knight at the Metropolitan Hotel – Sendai | Yoko Nakata, Deux Ermitage – Sapporo | Hisatsugu Saito, Bar Trench – Tokyo | Frank Cisneros, Dram – New York | Camper English, Alcademics – San Francisco | Jon Santer , Prizefighter – Emeryville | Joaquin Simo, Pouring Ribbons – New York | Nico De Soto, Mace – New York | Lucinda Sterling, Middle Branch – New York | Ulysses Vidal, Employees Only – New York