Back to Mine is a series of mix albums, usually (though not always) mixed by renowned DJs or composers of electronic music. The compilations usually feature artists other than the artist compiling the album, and are based on what the artist would play at home after a night out, rather than as part of a nightclub session.

The first volume was released in February 1999 by DJ Nick Warren. Since volume seven, the albums have borne the subtitle “a personal collection for after-hours grooving”. Back to Mine was published by the Disco Mix Club (DMC), but ended the series with Volume 28.

Most entries in the Back to Mine series allow the artists to investigate their wide but dabbling tastes in influences — a bit of dance, a bit of alternative, some roots in ’60s pop or soul perhaps, and maybe a stray nugget from something obscure like Krautrock or dub or rockabilly. The other volumes usually come from true DJs or, rarely, those with something special to say.

Regardless of whether you enjoy Röyksopp‘s vision of polished downbeat pop, the duo’s interest in post-disco and Euro-dance pays major dividends here for those looking to hear something beyond the usual Klein + M.B.O. or Alexander Robotnick singles.

The vast majority of the tracks hail from that magical time (1978-1984) when disco, new wave, and synth pop were colliding with fantastic results, especially considering the quality of these obscurities, from the cold Teutonic harmonies of Harry Thumann’s “Sphinx” to the warmer Italian-lover sound of Pino d’Angio’s “Ma Quale Idea.” (Even the contemporary tracks sound vintage, led by the Röyksopp alias Emmanuel Splice.) The mix broadens toward the end with a couple of clever R&B/dance fusions (Idris Muhammad, Funkadelic, the New Birth).

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Phonographic Copyright (p) – DMC Publishing Ltd.
Copyright (c) – DMC Publishing Ltd.


Artwork By [Illustration] – Tommy Penton
Compiled By, DJ Mix [Credited To] – Svein Berge, Torbjørn Brundtland
DJ Mix – Röyksopp
Liner Notes – Señor B. + Señor B


Liner notes:

“Which is better; denim or corduroy? Nosebleed will look cooler on denim, but corduroy will always be the preferred fabric of the insane – a tough choice indeed. Welcome to Shop Röyksopp! On a wet September-night 2006, this compilation came to life. It’s a handful of inspirational & fun tracks that somehow have become our friends. Please note that some of these tracks do not come in their original wrapper – we have done a few variations and changes in some of them. We apologise if we’ve offended anyone – we’ve done the edits with utmost love & respect for the original versions and performers. Ok then…”

CD inlay indexes only 19 tracks indicating that track 5 also contains Ray Mang & Nathan D’Troit “Off Side”, which is a re-edit of Edgar Winter’s “Above And Beyond” (5a), but there are actually 20 tracks indexed on the CD itself.


1. Talking Heads – Born Under Punches
2. Harry Thumann – Sphinx
3. Kasso – One More Round
4. Pino D’angino – Ma Quale Idea
5. Edgar Winter – Above & Beyond / Ray Mang & Nathan D’troit – Off Side
6. Mr Flagio – Take A Chance
7. Mike Oldfield – Charleston / Emmanuel Splice – Meatball
8. Jesse – That’s Hot (Joey Negro Re-edit)
9. Art Of Noise – Legs
10. I Level – 3A.M. Give Me
11. Klein & Mbo – Dirty Talk (European Connection)
12. Supermax- It Ain’t Easy
13. Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
14. Guy Dalton – Night People (New York Club Mix)
15. Valerie Dore – Get Closer
16. Ginny – Can’t Be Serious
17. Funkadelic – I’m Never Gonna Tell It
18. The New Birth – It’s Been A Long Time