Canadian freeride star Brandon Semenuk is at the top of his game this year, reclaiming the title as Red Bull Rampage winner, Semenuk’s skill and style is unbeatable.

His latest film Lapse, sees him team up once again with filmmaker Rupert Walker. When this duo get together you know you’re in for both cinematic and riding brilliance.
Take a look at their latest production Lapse in the player above.

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Directed by – Rupert Walker & Brandon Semenuk (Revel Co.)
Producer – Brandon Semenuk
DP – Rupert Walker
Cinematography – Rupert Walker & Anthony Vitale
Aerial Cinematography – Rupert Walker
Editing/Color – Rupert Walker
Title Animation – Scott Waraniak
VFX – Dan Gaud
Sound Design – Keith White
Photography – Toby Cowley
Music – ‘Havoc’ composed by Luke Atencio (Licensing through The Music Bed)
Voice Over – Alan Watts (Licensing through The Alan Watts Society)