GO. is a travel guide by Ethan Maurice. But it’s not just some other dude’s travel memories, as the title claims it’s really ridiculously useful and also sincerely written. With GO. Ethan shares some good aspects of travelling, cheap travel tips that can end with free flying and staying. Even with some of them you can get paid. As he says at the beginning: this guide might change your life. ( Of course if you got the balls and play your cards right, cause you know no change happen with a guide, on its own or magically. But if you’re alive, you’re close to win. So first throw that TV away and be less numb every day. )

As the author, I can’t take much credit for this guide’s profound effectiveness, for I am merely the middleman between you and the incredible resources I’ll be pointing you towards that others have developed. Along the way, I’ll sprinkle in a bit of my own travel philosophy and examples from my own endeavors (like how I spent two and a half months in Hawaii for less than what the plane ticket should have cost). For the most part, though, this is about connecting you with the tools and resources you need to follow your globetrotting dreams, regardless of your income or financial situation. In the next 80 pages you’ll learn how to fly for virtually free, find free places to stay, get hired around the globe, make friends anywhere, and all sorts of other useful info I’ve picked up over the past couple years of my own unconventional travels.