Emotional Architecture, a major one-person exhibition by James Casebere,will present an entirely new body of work inspired by world-renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán and his colourful, modernist buildings. This will be Casebere’s first solo presentation of new work in New York since 2010 and his first in the gallery’s new space.

Entitled Emotional Architecture, the show – at New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery on Tenth Avenue – will include his trademark miniature models, crafted from the simplest of materials and then photographed on tabletop in Casebere’s studio.

As the Gallery explains:

“The title of the exhibition references the name given to the style of modernist architecture conceived by Barragán and the artist Mathias Goéritz, who, frustrated by the cold functionalism of Modernism, embraced space, colour and light to create buildings that engendered warmth, meditation, and reflection.”

“In this new body of work, Casebere returns to his career-long interrogation of interior architectural spaces to explore Barragán’s sumptuous use of colour, dramatic light and simple haptic, planar surfaces. These new works evoke the serene austerity that inhabited Casebere’s early series of work examining societal power structures through the interrogation of prisons cells. However, the sense of isolation and enforced confinement that defined those works has been replaced with an atmosphere of joy and beauty that characterises Barragán’s unique oeuvre.”

The opening reception will take place on Thursday, January 26 from 6-8 pm at New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery on Tenth Avenue, and the artist will be present. 

You can catch James Casebere’s Emotional Architecture at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York until 11 March 2017.

All images courtesy of Sean Kelly Gallery