Hasankeyf  is an ancient town and district located along the Tigris River in the Batman Province in southeastern Turkey. It was declared a natural conservation area by Turkey in 1981. Azer and Nova spent two winters in Hasankeyf at this east region of Turkey which much of it and its archeological sites are at risk of being flooded with the completion of the Ilisu Dam.

Walking from narrow parts of the valleys to mosques and churches; traditional coffees from old locals to circling around the stove to getting warm while the tea was getting steeped and breakfasts with fresh, oily breads just coming out from the local bakery.

The heart of ancient Hasankeyf, the citadel, overlooking Hasankeyf and Tigris river from 100 meters high with thousands of beautifully shaped caves with living rooms, kitchens, windows and doors…

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