For thousands of years our ancestors hunted, gathered, and survived in the wilderness. Endless grasslands, dense forests and vast stretches of green were an integral part of a place we called home. And forests are known to have great healing properties.

As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. It has been scientifically proven that when we spend time in nature, our brain behaves differently. It affects how we feel and think, which has a direct impact on our immunity and healing powers.

Nature does more than just make us happy. It heals us, too. When people leave the hectic chaos of urban settings and venture into nature, they often feel their stress, anxiety, and depression melting away. There is something about forests, mountains, lakes, and oceans that connects us with a deep, inner part of ourselves – some primal draw to the wilderness that’s all too often forgotten or neglected in the frantic pace of modern life.

And in today’s world, the green spaces are replaced by urban structures, crowded places and polluted environments. This rapid change puts an unwanted pressure on our body and mind. As a result we have seen that chronic illnesses, stress, depression and other ailments are on the rise.

Healing Forest is an idea to discover and promote the healing powers of nature. Through films, nature walks, articles and activities we hope to create a greater awareness about the link between us and nature. We hope to create a small community of people who can connect with nature and lead calmer, healthier lives.

The film created by award-winning Indian filmmaker Nitin Das for a project called Healing Forest, which strives to help heal people through reconnection with nature (through silent, contemplative walks through urban green settings in small groups), and to help heal forests through volunteer work.

“How Forests Heals People,” filmed in India, Yosemite, and forests on the U.S. East Coast, is relevant across the globe, as people in every urban setting know how psychologically draining cities can be, and how a foray into green space have an incredible ability to make everything feel much better.healing-forest-poem

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