The UK is experiencing a psychedelic renaissance.

Young people in England and Wales are taking three times more LSD than they did five years ago, scientists at top universities are claiming hallucinogens can revolutionize how we treat mental illness and the use of magic mushrooms has been increasing by around 40 percent year on year. Music festivals are awash with recreational trippers, but we also see how psychedelics have become a new health craze by attending a shamanic magic mushroom ceremony in which 50 people trip out in a London warehouse. Despite studies showing that psychedelics are some of the safest drugs you can take, we meet one person who spilled a bottle of acid on himself and never stopped hallucinating.

What is making this new generation of drug takers so interested in self-transformation? And as the self-help trend grows, what happens when thousands of people start trying to solve their mental health problems themselves by taking powerful hallucinogens in unregulated settings?


Matt Shea (filmmaker)

Matt Shea (born 16 December 1991) is an English-American documentary filmmaker, journalist and presenter.

He is known for presenting the VICE documentaries IcemanTargeted Individuals, Zombie Drug: The Truth About Flakka, and How Lean Became Rap’s Most Wanted Drug. He produces and presents High Society, a documentary series that explores drug culture in the UK and features access to real criminals. Shea’s documentaries often feature criminal access and fringe stories.

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