In Nepal, the honey hunters dangle off cliffs to collect the mind-alternating honey of the Himalayan honey bee. Hang beside National Geographic Photographer Renan Ozturk, as he dangles off remote Nepal cliffs to document ‘The Last Honey Hunter‘ magazine story.

Renan and team are tracking Mauli, the last hunter in his village who pursues a hallucinogenic ‘red’ honey, known in equal measure for its medicinal properties and its value on the black markets across Asia. Without any protective equipment, Mauli will spend all day suspended hundreds of feet above the ground from hand made bamboo rope while engulfed in a swarm of angry bees. As roads and technology change the landscape of such wild places across the globe, these ancient traditions are under threat, making this story important to document the traditions are lost. Follow along like never before on this high stakes adventure!

360° Dangerous Honey Hunting (4K) | Explorer | National Geographic

And with this second 360° video; live the trip with the crew, feel the adventure in your bones.

honey-hunters-3 honey-hunters-2 honey-hunters

Honey Hunters with Renan Ozturk © National Geographic