Amazing, interdimensional detailed oil paintings of realism and fantasy styles by Ilene Meyer, (December 30, 1939 – June 3, 2009), who was an American painter from the state of Washington.

You can see that in a lot of her works she loved to feature checkered roads or floors and pathways that she creates as a foundation to her surreal paintings. These checkered designs reminding of Alice in Wonderland, after Alice goes down the rabbit hole into the now infamous room with locked doors and a checkered floor, with the pattern symbolizing the duality of good vs. evil that seems to happen in some of her paintings.


Ilene’s subjects varied from her use of realism with animals (dinosaurs too), flowers, plants, and people that were typically set in colorful splash of fantasy worlds that offered a peek into other dimensions you read about or visualize in your mind whilst meditating. Her works offered a calming and soothing sense, with imaginative landscapes of a mental getaway to enhance your daydreams.0_7dbf6_fd0115b_xxl_1024 021_ilene_meyer_medusa10_1002 026_ilene_meyer_illusions_1002062_ilene_meyer_peacederesistance_1002 069_ilene_meyer_thelastwave_1002 070_ilene_meyer_tomorrow_1002 071_ilene_meyer_nobelsummoning_1002 075_ilene_meyer_whitetigerlilies_912 087_ilene_meyer_spheresofenchantment_1002 099_ilene_meyer_luna_1002 100_ilene_meyer_liberation_1012 101_ilene_meyer_leaudargent_1000 108_ilene_meyer_2ndorbit_1000 109_ilene_meyer_beginningoftherainbow_1010 472dfdf825004b1ddd6ee49fe39c5d2f_1002 171611-foxixol_1024

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Originally published by Seth on visualmelt.