The Internet Archive is best known for its historical library of the web, preserving more than 400 billion web pages dating back to 1996. Yet, its 25 petabytes include more than 600 million pages of digitized texts dating back more than 500 years, 435 billion web captures, 3 million hours of TV and 4 million eBooks.

Archive Documentary (2013) focused on the future of long-term digital storage, the history of the Internet and attempts to preserve its contents on a massive scale.


Part one features Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive and his colleagues Robert Miller, director of books, and Alexis Rossi, director of web collections. On a mission to create universal access to all knowledge, the Internet Archive’s staff have built the world’s largest online library, offering 25 petabytes of archived websites, books, movies, music, and television broadcasts.

The video includes a tour of the Internet Archive’s headquarters ? in San Francisco, the book scanning center, and the book storage facilities in Richmond, California.

internet archive

Directed by Jonathan Minard
Cinematography by John Behrens, Alexander Porter, and Fearghal O’dea
Produced at the Internet Archive on October 22-26, during the Books in Browsers Conference and 10 Petabyte Celebration. Project supported by Eyebeam

In the loving memory of Aaron Swartz.