In early August of 2015 I left my hometown of Sofia with the idea to visit Iceland. I didn’t take a flight nor did I take the ferry –  I took the public transport to the ring road of the city and there, at the last stop of bus number 54, my journey started. I hitchhiked through whole Europe and upon my arrival in the UK took the plane to the dream destination which this island was supposed to be. There I’ve spent two months, alone, in search of different viewpoints, exploring feelings and emotions, putting up ahead some small and big goals, trying to fulfil them. Walking or hitchhiking, sleeping in a tent almost every night. I’ve had unforgettable moments it was worth it, Iceland didn’t fail the expectations.

– Simeon Patarozliev



Photographs, visuals and design of the presentation by Simeon Patarozliev. Originally published as a project on his Behance, where he has more great works to check.