Photographer Christoffer Relander collecting landscapes in jars using analog double exposures, conserving his environments into a large personal collection. Mostly landscapes are from the places he grew up, on the countryside in the south of Finland, where his roots still lie.

This is a ongoing project with analog multiple exposures, manipulating photographs in camera, not in an external software in a computer such as Photoshop. All double exposures are shot on medium format film that Christoffer develops and scans himself, as we see on the video.analog-multiple-exposures-8 analog-multiple-exposures-7 analog-multiple-exposures-6 analog-multiple-exposures-5 analog-multiple-exposures-4 analog-multiple-exposures-3 analog-multiple-exposures-2 analog-multiple-exposures-1 analog-multiple-exposures-11 analog-multiple-exposures-10 Analog Multiple Exposures

All photographs are © Christoffer Relander

More of his work, especially beautiful analog double exposures -portraits are on his website.