With his Hasselblad 500CM and slide films, photographer and video maker Laurent Mäusli taking portraits of football fans in Mali.

We all unique, living various storylines in life, different perspectives, but  also connected, and are the same in many ways. As a photographer, Laurent Mäusli is experiencing and documenting this similarities through visual arts. With Looking For Beckham, he portraits people in Mali from the sports angle and putting together as a reminder; we’re not that different from each other.

Sometimes being a photographer is way more than just taking pictures. It is about experiencing these unpredictable moments. Uncertainty can be refreshing.


looking-for-beckham looking-for-beckham2 looking-for-beckham3 looking-for-beckham4 looking-for-beckham5 looking-for-beckham6 looking-for-beckham7 looking-for-beckham8 looking-for-beckham9 looking-for-beckham10 looking-for-beckham11 looking-for-beckham12 looking-for-beckham13

All photographs are © Laurent Mäusli. You can follow his work through his website.