A special Melt Mix mixtape from Théo De Gueltzl, who’s been on the road catching beautiful photographs and creating a series of mixes as he winds his way over the world.

This set is features an eclectic mix of music from different countries – Going from Western Europe to US, from Haiti to Ethiopia, from Nigeria to Colombia…Like always these tracks live with me during my travels. After almost two years on the road, music is really something i need more than anything, it s also a way for me to make contact in foreign countries.

theo-de-gueltzl-01-copy theo-de-gueltzl-02-copy theo-de-gueltzl-03-copy theo-de-gueltzl-04-copy theo-de-gueltzl-05-copy theo-de-gueltzl-06-copy theo-de-gueltzl-07-copy mixtape. . .

All photographs © Théo de Gueltzl