New Zealand Adventures; head to the North and South Islands to soak in cinematic vistas, heart-pounding ski descents, surfing scenes, and more  to start planning your next trip.

New Zealand is often called the “adventure capital of the world,” and for good reason, the country packs incredible outdoor activities—climbing, tramping, skiing, glacial climbing, bungee jumping and more—across the North and South Islands.

For many, a trip to the country is a once-in-lifetime experience. Adventurers should arrive well-prepared to explore this lush land—from booking permits to tramp, or hike, along a Great Walk to reserving a campervan to travel to the South Island’s west coast beaches. Let these spectacular scenes serve as inspiration for your own New Zealand adventures.

The original wanderers, the local Kiwis, are raised on adrenaline and independence — something that shines through all the epic outdoor opportunities in New Zealand. Friendly, easy-going, and always keen to get out and do something unforgettable, the people you’ll meet here will make you feel at home right away, and they’re usually the first ones to encourage you to take a leap of faith and fling yourself off something high. That’s how it goes in a country where you can skydive before breakfast, bungy jump after lunch, and climb a mountain in the afternoon.