“The underground of the city is like what’s underground in people. Beneath the surface, it’s boiling with monsters.”

— Guillermo del Toro

Remembering Istanbul; the city like Guillermo describes, now boiling with monsters, war on each side, inside everybody, everywhere, streets through the metro tunnels, bus stations to towers. All became dark places, murder scenes, the murder of innocence..

The city that first seduced us all, then trapped us in it’s misery and now murdering all of us slowly, each second and each day as the way it likes.

There is no Jesus coming, there is no salvation or a healthy escape from the underground nor from the city. Damage is done, hope is gone and what is left is wild murderers fenced behind the wires, modern slaves became vampires living without the light, working day and night, children growing as stocks, as backups with no future, not for a bright one at least.

And In this black hole, art became the sharpest tool to describe the feelings, the blood pouring, the underground boiling, and the loudest scream.

Design project by Yasin Aribuga, you can follow his works from Behance or Instagram.