A bit like the Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited, this time the young and talented French photographer Arnaud Montagard takes us to the discovery of Sri Lanka by train and its travelers.

The best way to experience Sri Lanka is to cross the country by train. Arnaud Montagard did, far from his French comfort in 3rd class for six to seven hours a day. Between the cities of Kandy and Ella, the scenery flashed before his eyes and his objective, dynamic cities in tea plantations, through all these coconut trees that litter the coast.

An angle of poetic and fragmentary

Accustomed to shooting by placing the device in the slots, windows and cracks, it also adopted this angle on most photographs that result from this trip. In its previous series NYC Across the Window , Arnaud Montagard captured the city of New York through windows. He did the same thing here, with a contrast this time more solar.

Photographer and gives us a fragmented vision of Sri Lanka and the passengers of the train, not limited to freeze inside. It looks at several lives and people, subjective, with an intimate perspective: a girl looking out the window, captured from a corridor, the look of a man taken from an open space between two seats … These small tips country and its people that make us experience the culture and atmosphere of Sri Lanka, at any speed.

Important meetings

During his journey, the train also traced his route near homes. Arnaud explains that people do not hesitate to come to observe the passage of the train to greet the passengers as a kind of rite. He describes a particularly memorable moment:

“In the long dark tunnels, passengers leave the head out the window and shout in every sense: laughter guaranteed. One of my best memories in Sri Lanka was moving my head out the window with my camera and observe the landscape scroll. Local signs or do you take the air. It is a real sense of freedom as the doors of each car remain open all the way and allow a vision to 180 degrees on the Sri Lankan landscapes. “

As can be seen on many photographs, many local walking along the railway line and spend a few centimeters of the train: children come home from school, women who spread their towels on the way. He said it is “real life experience”

“It’s an easy way to meet local, stay with Sri Lankans for six-seven to create a real feeling of closeness provided to go to the third-class carriages. On the train, you will never be alone and, rest assured, we will not ask you to put your phone in airplane mode. The trains are often crowded, do not be afraid to stand for several hours. “

It tells of a youth group drummed for nearly six hours at his side, that sellers follow one another behind each other to offer peppers and all sorts of typical dishes. A beautiful journey to the heart of a blue train which contrasts with the lush vegetation of the country.

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