Tiny House Movement is the architectural and social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in; living simply in small homes, with more efficient spaces, more time and freedom.

The real message behind the tiny house movement and simple living for me is being more conscious about how we live. This includes the purchasing and consumption decisions that we make but it also includes even deeper things like making goals for our lives and getting rid of the necessary ‘baggage’ to get what we want.People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons include environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire for more time and freedom. For most Americans 1/3 to 1/2 of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads; this translates to 15 years of working over your lifetime just to pay for it, and because of it 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, meaning if they lost their jobs, they’d pretty much be in financial ruin.

So what is the alternative? One solution might be to live smaller. While we don’t think tiny houses are for everyone, there are lessons to be learned and applied in order to escape the cycle of debt in which almost 70% of Americans are trapped.

So for many people the idea of a small home or even a tiny house is an incredibly smart decision. Here’s why:

The Benefits of a Smaller Home

People who downsize from a larger home and into a small or even a tiny house experience the following benefits:

  • Less time cleaning.
  • Less time maintaining the house.
  • Easy to find my stuff everyday.
  • The monthly bills are all cheaper.
  • It feels cozy and easy to manage.
  • It’s better for the environment.

In summary… A smaller home can save you time and money. On top of that they might even give you more peace of mind and while you’re at it you’re doing something that’s good for the environment by living small.

Also check En Route: Portable, Simple Living, and follow those whose homes are off the beaten path, watch the videos and get inspired for simplifying your life.

And The Cinder Cone: Building a Multi-Platform Tree House to see a  a small group of close friends broke ground on a building project in Skamania County, Washington in the Columbia River Gorge, whose primary endeavor was a multi-platform tree house, but also included a skate bowl and a wood fired soaking tub as well.


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