The Berlin-based photographer couple Susann Probst and Yannic Schon are in love with each other for over ten years and have been traveling the world to cover wedding stories as ‘Paul liebt Paula‘.

One of their trips took them to the magical island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean while traveling the world, where they spent one month traveling across the country in a camper…

There’s so much to be said about New Zealand and so many pictures to show, yet there’s no way we can really do this unbelievable country justice. How often did we just stand there in amazement, overwhelmed by nature, which within just a short drive transformed from rough, black, sandy coastline to bush where fireflies glow at night among all the moss-covered trees.

Sulfur-fuming landscapes are balanced out by soft, grassy hills and mountains, broken up by trickling glacier water which flows into crystal-clear, one-of-a-kind blue lakes. The sound of large ice masses crashing down reverberates in your ears and the fog against your face — the power and willfulness of nature shake you to the core. Everything else suddenly seems trivial, and the here and now is more present than ever before. Galaxies of sparkling dots keep you up at night, because you just can’t turn away from the beautiful sight. Everything seems so perfect that you feel like you’ve traveled much further than just once around the world. travelling the world traveling the world

All photographs © Paul liebt Paula