Foreign travel can be a wonderful experience – visiting the iconic and the hidden gems which make up a country’s personality lead to some of the best experiences and insights.

Glasgow-based illustrator and designer Jack Daly loves illustration, typography and travel, and has united these passions together for his latest project; Wanderlust Alphabet.

Take at look at his artwork for European cities Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin and Edinburgh and see how many famous landmarks and cultural icons you can spot.
wanderlust alpabeth

His concept is simple – each letter of the alphabet will be illustrated with cities he has visited, or is hoping to visit, as the focus.

Slicing together graphics of architecture, sport, food and humanity, Jack encapsulates a sense of adventure and genuine appreciation for each city.

The letters take on a lighter tone compared with some of his other recent work.

Jack hasn’t shied away from creating graphic design narratives on recent controversial headlines, such as comparisons of Donald Trump to the Antichrist and the EU referendum.

He’s designed covers and editorial illustrations for a variety of publications, including Greenpeace, Deloitte University Press and Pleasure Magazine.wanderlust-alpabeth