A tribute to Wes Anderson, and his ability to inspire.

Wes Anderson Postcards are illustrator Mark Dingo Francisco’s personal project inspired by Wes Anderson’s eight feature films. Fictional locations from his films were put on postcards to give them the essence of being real travel destinations which one could visit, or send postcards from.  Mark says;

I’m absolutely in love with Wes Anderson’s visual style and I wanted to portray the same whimsical and melancholic moods that he was able to capture in his films. The places were all so characteristic of each film’s overall personality. That’s what I wanted to capture; each locale as characters themselves, teeming with personality. I thought an appropriate way to represent a place was through a postcard and postcards give the notion of being able to visit them as real travel destinations. To reinforce that idea, I made stamps visually unique to each film.

wes-anderson-stamps-logo wes-anderson-stamps-3 wes-anderson-stamps-2 wes-anderson-stamps

wes-anderson-postcards-the-royal-tenenbaums2 wes-anderson-postcards-the-royal-tenenbaums wes-anderson-postcards-the-life-aquatic-with-steve-zissou2 wes-anderson-postcards-the-life-aquatic-with-steve-zissou wes-anderson-postcards-the-darjeeling-limited2 wes-anderson-postcards-the-darjeeling-limited wes-anderson-postcards-rushmore2 postcards wes-anderson-postcards-moonrise-kingdom2 wes-anderson-postcards-moonrise-kingdom wes-anderson-postcards-grand-budapest2 wes anderson postcards wes-anderson-postcards-fantastic-mr-fox2 wes-anderson-postcards-fantastic-mr-fox wes-anderson-postcards-bottle-rocket2 wes-anderson-postcards-bottle-rocket


All illustrations are © Mark Dingo Francisco